The chairman of Musavat Party has requested its European allies for help on Afghan Mukhtarli

Tomorrow, on June 3rd, ALDE organization (where Musavat Party is also a member), will organize a conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Arif Hajili, The Chairman of Musavat Party, has appealed a request on journalist Afghan Mukhtarli’s kidnap in Georgia and his arrest in Azerbaijan to its allies in ALDE organization, during this conference.

Statement which is submitted to “Basta” indicates the following:

“I would like to greet and wish success to the esteemed representatives of the big ALDE family on behalf of Musavat Party, the organization which is operating under most difficult circumstances among the ALDE member organizations and fights against a harsh authoritarian system.

I am appealing to you as a leader of a party, which is the main supporter of Eurointegration and main representative of liberal values in Azerbaijan, in connection with a very important issue. Dear liberal friends, since the repressions, persecution and arrests, which have been taking place against democrats in Azerbaijan for a long time, are now passing to an international level, therefore I believe that, there should be reaction on the international level by ALDE, European Union, the governments you represent to this issue.

Independent journalist, human rights defender Afgan Mukhtarli, who found refuge from the persecution of the Azerbaijani government in Georgia, was kidnapped from the capital of Georgia and brought to Azerbaijan. He underwent physical, moral and psychological torture and arrested under fabricated charges. Dear colleagues, reaction to this incident, which happened in gross violation of the values we are fighting for, human rights and freedoms, international law and conventions, by ALDE would be beneficial. The only way of stopping the populists, extreme right and authoritarian regimes, who have been encouraged recently, is support of progressive people and organizations to each other, them fighting together.

I am confident that, not the people, who are trying to create the atmosphere of fear in the world, but those who fight for human rights and freedoms are going to succeed.

Best regards,

Arif Hajili Chairman of Musavat Party”