Baku: police detain nine picketers

About 50 members of the Musavat Party went out in Baku to picket against the Mayoralty’s refusal to sanction a march. Nine detainees were released from the police station after receiving an oral warning.

Oppositionists had intended to hold a march on October 21 against corruption and human rights violations, and demanding release of political prisoners.

According to the “Musavat” Party, nine activists were detained: deputy chairs Soltanly and Yagublu, as well as Mustafa Gadjibeili, Abulfaz Sadygbeili, Zeinal Zeinalov, Vidadi Zamanov, Elman Fattakh, Aziz Mamiev and Rakhim Yagublu.

The Mayoralty has refused to sanction the march under the pretext that it would impede the motor traffic, Arif Gadjily, the party leader, told the “Caucasian Knot”, calling this argument absurd. In his opinion, the authorities’ actions are illegal.

He is supported by Elshan Gasanov, an expert in defence of civil rights and the head of the Centre for Monitoring Political Prisoners.

The Mayoralty has stated that the march was not sanctioned as it was planned too close to the administration building.

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