Musavat Activists Hold Rally at Rasulzadeh Monument

On May 28, the Day of the Azerbaijan People”s Republic”s 100th anniversary, several hundred members and supporters of the opposition Musavat party held a rally at the monument of the founder of the APR, Mammad Emin Rasulzadeh in the Novkhany settlement near Baku.

For the first time after the illness, ex-leader of the party Isa Gambar appeared in public and delivered a speech.

Noting the role of Rasulzadeh in the creation of the first democratic republic in the East, he stressed that the APR in terms of democracy and respect for human rights was a more progressive state than present-day Azerbaijan.

Gambar drew attention to the fact that both the APR and the first national government of Azerbaijan headed by Abulfaz Elchibey after the restoration of the national independence, were overthrown by Russia or with the support of Russia.

Despite the efforts of the ruling regime to forget the achievements of the APR and the traditions laid down 100 years ago, the Azerbaijani people remember and honor the merits of Rasulzadeh and his supporters, he stressed.

According to Gambar, it is necessary to believe in the success of the struggle for democracy. “There must be a conviction that freedom, justice and territorial integrity will be ensured. There cannot be doubts in this. The belief in victory must be unconditional,” Gambar said.

He vowed to continue the fight to the end and the protesters supported him by chanting “Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!”

The action passed without excesses.