Head of Musavat Youth Organization Abulfaz Sadigbeyli Arrested

Abulfaz Sadigbeyli, head of the youth organization of the Musavat Party, was detained in Baku on November 21. Later, the Sabail District Court chose a measure of restraint in the form of arrest. The activist is charged with fraud.

Turan News Agency was told by the head of the Musavat Party, Arif Hajili. He believes Sadigbeyli was arrested on trumped-up charges. According to him, Sadigbeyli was arrested in a criminal case in connection with a loan that had been received from Nikoil Bank several years ago and already repaid.

“There are documents on the return of the loan. However, the bank falsified the documents. Abulfaz Sadigbeyli was first interrogated in this case as a witness, but when they learned that he was the chairman of the youth organization of Musavat, the investigation was directed against him,” Hajili said.

He believes the criminal case against Sadigbeyli is related to his political activities and is an integral part of the prosecution policy against the Musavat party.

The party demanded the immediate release of Sadigbeyli and the prosecution of the true perpetrators.