The editor of does not exclude his can be arrested

Editor-in-Chief of the website, Mustafa Hajibeyli, was again summoned to the Baku Prosecutor”s Office in connection with a criminal case in which he is being held as an accused.

According to Hajibeyli, today he was charged with new content. According to him, the articles of the prosecution remained the same. However, if the previous content referred to the commission of criminal acts as part of a group, now this wording has been removed.

Hajibeyli protested to the investigation team and said that the charges are far-fetched.

Commenting on the course of the investigation, the editor did not rule out that he could be arrested, as there is no fair and just courts in the country. “Investigators are in a hurry to take the case to court, despite the lack of grounds for accusation,” he said.

On July 9, the Prosecutor General”s Office filed a lawsuit on the dissemination to the Internet of “false information” and “illegal appeals” in connection with the attempt on the head of Ganja Elmar Veliyev and the energy blackout in Mingachevir, when almost all of Azerbaijan was left without power supply.

After that, the prosecutor’s office appealed to the Ministry of Communications to block the sites “”, “”, “” and “”.

At first, Hajibeyli passed as a witness. However, on November 30, he was transferred to the status of the accused. In particular, he was charged under the following Articles of the Criminal Code: 281.2 (appeals against the state), 309.2 (abuse of office) and 313 (official forgery).

Regarding the editor, a preventive measure in the form of police supervision was chosen.

Mustafa Hajibeyli is one of the prominent opposition journalists in Azerbaijan. For more than 20 years he has worked in various media of Azerbaijan. He is also the brother of the head of the Musavat party, Arif Hajili.