“Musavat” reports further pressure on party activists

An initiative group “Respublika” established the party “Musavat” basically completed the campaign to collect signatures for registration of campaign groups on referendum on 26 September. According to the statement of the party, in the course of collecting signatures the authorities created obstacles for signature collectors in Jalilabad, Masalli, Absheron, Gazakh and other regions of the country, as well as in the city of Ganja.

Pressure was  made on the signature collectors and their families,  subscription lists were taken away. The pressure was made  on those who put their signatures in favor of the group “Respublika”.

However, with the support of activists  of NIDA  and D-18 the initiative group managed to collect the necessary number of signatures  of (40.000) voters, noted “Musavat” was reported.

The party strongly condemns the authorities’ pressure on members of initiative group, their intimidation, confiscation of signature sheets by the police and traffic police.

The party called on the authorities and the Central Election Commission to put an end to such arbitrariness.

“Musavat” is going to campaign against the amendments to the Constitution in the referendum of September 26 because it believes that the expansion of powers of the president will lead to further strengthening of authoritarianism in Azerbaijan.