Musavat Presents CEC Signature Lists for Registration of Campaign Group

The initiative group Republic created by the Musavat party presented the CEC 41 128 signatures of voters for the purpose of registering of a campaign group of the same name for the referendum on constitutional amendments. Turan was told by the envoy of the initiative group Yadigar Sadigov.

According to him, 41 128 signatures were collected on the territory of 88 constituencies. Along with the Musavat activists, signatures were collected also by representatives of the NIDA and D-18 movements.

Within 10 days, the CEC has to verify the signature sheets. If at least 40 thousand signatures are considered valid, the Republic group will be registered.

On September 3 the agitation campaign will be formally launched. The Republic group is going to campaign against the amendments which it believes are aimed at strengthening authoritarianism.

Earlier, the CEC registered the campaign groups New Azerbaijan (created by the ruling party), Municipality (founded by municipalities) and Civil Society (established by the Confederation of Trade Unions and the pro-government NGOs).