Cigarettes Rise by 20-40 Gapiks

On this day in Azerbaijan cigarettes have become 25-30% more expensive.

The monitoring of shops in Baku shows that this is the second wave of price hike last week. Since August 29, the prices of tobacco products increased by 10-20%. On September 5 there was another rise in prices.

For example, the LD cigarettes, which cost AZN 2.60 a week ago, are sold for AZN 2.80 today.

Various modifications to these same cigarettes (packs of different colors) have risen by 20-30 gapiks.

The prices have risen in the same way for the brands Winchester, West, Kent, and Sobranie. The latter type of cigarettes has risen in price most of all – by 40 gapiks.

Sellers attribute the price increase to the rise in the wholesale prices. Experts believe the rise in prices is associated with the increase in the USD rate, which necessarily entails a rise in price for all imported goods. Therefore, we should also expect a rise in prices for many other imports. -05B-