Heavy Rains Damage Roads and Settlements

Heavy rains of September 1 caused serious damage in the northern and north-eastern regions of Azerbaijan.

Thus, the road Guba-Khinalig and a bridge at the 29th km of this route are seriously damaged. Driving on the road is blocked, Turan was told in the executive power of the district.

Mudflows caused damage to houses in the village Utug in the same district. The supply of electricity to the village stopped.

Mudflows also damaged roads, houses and property in the mountain villages of the Ismayilli region, i.e. Galajyg, Chaygovushan and Istisu.

In the Gabala region the road in the Laza village got washed away. As a result, some of the villagers were evacuated, MOE said. Measures are being taken to overcome the consequences of the natural disaster.

Meanwhile, forecasters predict continuation of the rains in the coming days.

Experts predict the emergence of mudflows also in other mountainous areas of the Greater Caucasus and the possible damage to the population.    -16D-