Deputy Chairman of Musavat Faraj Kerimli Released

The Deputy Chairman of the party Musavat Faraj Kerimli early today was released under an amnesty. Turan was told by the Deputy Chairman of Musavat, Elman Fattah.

According to him, the grounds for Kerimli’s release appeared on June 15, when the amnesty act came into force. However, Faraj was kept in detention for 4 months and was released 10 days before the completion of the amnesty period.

Recall that the Deputy Chairman of Musavat Faraj Kerimli and his non-partisan brother Siraj Kerimli were arrested in July 2014 on charges of drug trafficking.

F.Kerimli was sentenced to 6.5 years, and S.Kerimli – 6 years. The latter was pardoned by March 17, 2016, but he is also seeking acquittal. Both brothers were declared «prisoners of conscience» by Amnesty International.

On May 24, the Supreme Court partially upheld the complaint of F.Kerimli and changed Article 234.4.3 (illegal manufacture, production, acquisition, possession of drugs) to a softer article 234.1 (illegal purchase or possession of drugs for personal consumption), and reduced his sentence up to 3 years of imprisonment.

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