Members of the Musavat Party are not allowed to hold a meeting in Kurdamir

On Sunday the police prevented the holding of a general meeting of the Musavat Party in the city of Kurdamir.

Due to the lack of office, the Musavat party held a meeting at the local tea house, the party”s press service said.

After the start of the event and the election of delegates to the congress, came the representatives of local authorities and law enforcement agencies.

After listening to the speeches for several minutes, they told the property owner to stop the event, and the latter asked the participants to leave the tea house.

“Later we had to continue the event under the open sky,” said the party”s foreman Sahavet Soltanly.

“The head of state declares political reforms, but they don”t give us a space, and don”t allow us to gather in tea houses. Nevertheless, we elected delegates to the congress,” said Soltanly.

Law enforcement agencies do not comment on the message of the Musavat press service.