Another Ganja Protest in Front of Presidential Administration Social

The parents of people arrested on the Ganja events of 2018 held another protest rally in front of the presidential administration. Several dozen women marched, chanting demands to release their children, who were “innocent and arrested on trumped-up charges.”

“What are they guilty of? Serious charges were lodged against them without any evidence. We can no longer tolerate this injustice. Is it that the President does not see all this? Who else should we talk to about this trouble? Our children have been in prison for a year and 2 months now. Better to kick us out of the country!” said one of the protesters.

Police officers demanded that journalists covering the rally stop shooting. Next, presidential administration employees invited the parents to the building. The parents of those arrested regularly hold similar actions in Baku and Ganja, and due to this several prisoners were reduced their prison terms.

* On July 3, 2018 in Ganja an attempt was made on the then head of the city Elmar Veliyev. A Ganja native Yunis Safarov wounded him and the bodyguard of the head of the city. After that, a protest rally in front of the Ganja administration building against Veliyev was scheduled for July 10 on social networks. On the same day, the MIA reported riots in Ganja, during which two police officers were killed. Following this, mass arrests began among believers and others.

At a meeting in this department, Attorney General Zakir Garalov announced on July 31, 2019 that 29 members of an organized criminal group were brought to justice in connection with the attempt on E. Veliyev, and another 11 people were put on the international wanted list.

On the events of July 10, the investigation was completed and 8 criminal cases against 60 people were sent to the courts. The defendants were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. Subsequently, the court of appeal released five defendants in the case and reduced the term to two dozen convicted persons.