Musavat doubts Ilham Aliyev’s health, and YAP refutes these rumors

The meeting of the Board of the Musavat party on Monday, discussed rumors in social networks about Ilham Aliyev”s health problems. It was noted that the head of state is absent after August 24 due to the health problems.

The Musavat party believes that the president”s health and ability to work are not his personal affair and the authorities should provide the public with accurate and clear information on this topic.

Siyavush Novruzov, deputy executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, denied rumors about Ilham Aliyev”s health problems.

“I officially declare on behalf of the YAP that all these rumors are groundless. The head of state is absolutely healthy and every day at 9 in the morning he is at the workplace,” Novruzov told Turan.

The head of state has not appeared in public for 10 days. There were no reports of his vacation or foreign trip either.