Musavat attack in Jalilabad

Today in the city of Jalilabad in southern Azerbaijan, an attack was made on the head of the Musavat party Arif Hajili and members of the organization, said Hajili.

He noted that during a meeting with local activists, about 20 police officers and people in civilian clothes broke into the premises.

“They demanded that we stop the meeting and leave the premises. Activists did not want to interrupt the meeting. I told the police that they did not have the right to interrupt the event in this form. In response, the police used force. Several party members were detained.

Earlier, the police detained a group of party members when they were heading to meet with me,” Hajili said.

The car in which the head of Musavat was located was also attacked.

“After my departure from Jalilabad to Baku, a red Mazda chased us along the way, from where they threw eggs into our car and threatened,” Hajili told Turan.

It was not possible to get comments in the Jalilabad district police department.

On October 4, candidates for the post of head of Musavat Tofig Yagublu and Yadigar Sadigli were detained in Gabala, and participants in the meeting with Hajili in Khachmaz were called to the police for a preventive conversation.

Meetings in the regions are held as part of the preparations for the Musavat Congress, scheduled for October 12.