Musavat discusses the political situation in the country (UPDATED)

A public discussion on the current socio-political situation in the country was held in the office of the Musavat party on 5 November. The present and former Musavat leaders Arif Hajili and Isa Gambar, the Popular Front Party leader Ali Kerimli, the People’s Party leader Panah Huseyn, the former Minister of Health Ali Insanov, the ex-Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Moscow Hikmet Hajizadeh, and the director of Turan agency Mehman Aliyev took part in it.

“Recent processes have shown that a new political situation has been created in Azerbaijan, which makes changes in the country inevitable,” he said, opening the discussion.

Ali Insanov called the current situation “failure” in all directions. “The regime that has usurped power is extremely cruel, so the fight against it should be waged jointly,” he said.

Insanov called for the consolidation of all political forces in order to fight for early parliamentary and presidential elections.

PFPA leader Ali Karimli believes that the ruling regime has finally gone bankrupt and the population does not believe the rainbow statements of the authorities, demanding radical changes.

The October 19 rally showed that a new political situation had arisen in the country, when thousands of people went to the streets, demanding change. The assurances of the authorities on the reforms are nothing more than a hoax and do not inspire confidence of citizens.

He called for an end to the strife in the camp of the opposition, to join forces in the struggle for freedom of political prisoners, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech.

Former Musavat leader, Isa Gambar, noted that the people openly demand the departure of the ruling regime, which seeks to deceive the people with imaginary reforms. He also called for the opposition to join forces in the struggle for a just solution to the Karabakh problem, free elections and other freedoms.

Director of Turan agency Mehman Aliyev noted that it is necessary to unite not only politicians, but also all citizens of the country so that the country emerges from the “systemic crisis”. Reshuffle, the adoption of roadmaps and other programs to get out of the crisis will not help, he said.

Hikmet Hajizadeh proposed to develop a number of programs and appeals in order to implement the ideas expressed in the discussion. After which the discussion continued without the participation of the press.