Musavat Announces List of Candidates for Deputies

On December 16, the Musavat party unveiled a list of its candidates for parliamentary elections. February 9th.

According to the leader of Musavat Arif Hajili, the party will nominate 81 candidates in 78 single-member constituencies.

“From today we are starting the election campaign. This list will be further expanded,” Hajili said.

Among the party’s candidates, in addition to Hajili, are also former Musavat leader Isa Gambar, current deputy chairmen: Sakhavat Soltanly, Razim Amiraslanli and Faraj Kerimli, head of the press service Mustafa Hajibeyli, head of the youth organization Elman Guliyev, head of the party’s Mejlis Nushaba Sadigly, former CEC member Gulaga Aslanli, former deputies Arzu Samedbeyli and Ikram Israfil, lawyers Osman Kazimli and Nemat Karimli, professor Almaz Aligizi, historian Nasiman Yakublu, journalist Konul Ali  and others.

Hajili did not rule out that the party would support representatives of other parties in districts where it does not have its own candidates.

In some districts, the party nominated two candidates. “In a number of constituencies, two candidates are nominated. We do not yet know whether all candidates will be registered. If after registration in the districts there are two candidates each, the party will determine the support of one or another candidate,” Hajili said.