MP Candidate Complains about Pressure in Lerik

Tahir Huseynov, a candidate for deputy in the 78th Lerik district from the Musavat party, announced pressure on him from local executive bodies.

According to him, pressure is exerted not only on him, but also on his relatives. “At first they tried to bribe me to withdraw my candidacy. Then they turned to threats,” Huseynov told Turan.

“The first deputy head of the administration of the Lerik region, Jalil Bakhshiyev and department head Alipanah Bayramov, summoned the representative of the executive branch of the village Shivla, Emin Hashimov, the chairman of the precinct election commission, Tarlan Israfilov, and my brother, Agahuseyn Huseynov, and warned that if I did not withdraw my candidacy, it would be bad for everyone. This was done in public at the meeting,” Huseynov said.

Further, according to him, pressure began on voters to renounce their signatures in favor of Huseynov.

“Voters, especially those working in budget institutions and receiving social assistance, are under intense pressure. They are taken statements that they did not sign for me, and that the signatures were supposedly a fake. They want to collect 80-100 signatures in order to refuse my registration,” Huseynov said.

It was not possible to get comments from the Executive power of the Lerik region.